Welcome to our blog.  Follow Travelogue 15--RV trip to the East Coast via Wisconsin by choosing it from the list on the left.  Then join us on our trip as we camp with our travel trailer from Florida to Wisconsin and out to the East Coast and back. We are leaving Palmetto on July 29 and will return sometime in October.  This blog is dedicated to my mom. Enjoy!  Bob, Cindy, & Auggie (ABC)

Travelogue 1 =boat trip from WI to FL 2008      
 Travelogue 2=boat trip to the Bahamas 2009
 Travelogue 3=boat trip down the St. John's River 2010
 Travelogue 4=boat trip to Chesapeake Bay 2011                          
Travelogue 5=boat trip on W. Coast of FL (Little Loop detour) 2012 

Travelogue 6=RV trip to Maine and Nova Scotia 2012

Travelogue 7=boat trip changed to RV trip to Miami 2013

Travelogue 8=RV trip to Cape Hatteras, NC 2013

Travelogue 9=boat trip to Ft. Lauderdale 2014

Travelogue 10=RV trip to Glacier Nat'l Park 2014
Travelogue 11=RV trip to Niagara Falls 2015

Travelogue 12=boat trip to St. Augustine 2016

Travelogue 13=RV trip to Florida Panhandle 2016

Travelogue 14=RV trip to SW national parks fall 2017 (Hurricane Irma)